Things that run through your head at 4.55am when your baby wakes up

Another day that started before I was ready.

  1. He’ll go back to sleep in a minute if I ignore him.
  2. He seems to be getting louder.
  3. Yep, he’s definitely awake.
  4. I really should sort out the curtains in this room.
  5. Maybe I can sleep through his noise if I put headphones in.
  6. But will the neighbours?
  7. Pretty sure he’s just done a poo.
  8. He has done a poo.
  9. Ok, if I feed him perhaps he’ll drop back off.
  10. It’s almost 6am now, if he falls back to sleep now we can get another hour.
  11. Or 50 minutes.
  12. 45 minutes sleep would be really nice.
  13. Perhaps I’ll put him on his playmat while I snooze.
  14. But what if he chokes on a wooden block?
  15. Oh good, he’s found the keyboard. 
  16. …..Aaaaaaaand we’re up.
  17. Ok, what’s for lunch? 

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