Buy of the Week: PurePotions Lavender Nappy Salve

The beauty editor in me was pretty excited about the new world of products having a baby would open up – but in truth the only thing I used on my boy’s skin for the first six months was natural coconut oil and a little eczema cream. But, like his mum, he’s now enjoying a few of life’s little luxuries – in the form of PurePotion’s heal-all Lavender Nappy Salve. 

I don’t really use it as a nappy cream unless needed – but it’s great on his dry knees when he’s been crawling around all day, and I love it as a changing bag beauty balm that I use (on myself) as lip balm and on chapped skin and dry hands.

The soothing lavender scent also sends him straight to sleep*.

*Yeah, or not.

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