The Mother Edit: Mother’s Daily Must-Have

Each day I bring you the one thing that’s top of my shopping list. Or pinned on my Pinterest lust-list. Or screen-shotted every two minutes on Instagram. From the cutest new kids clothes (expect a lot of toddler boy buys) to cute mum-worthy fashion buys and all the accessories and kids kit in between… This is the only shopping list you need.

I’ll keep the last few entries live for you, just in case you miss a day (but don’t, OK?)…

4th May: Printed T-shirt, £2.99

Skeletons, dinosaurs, monochrome. Again, can we please scale up this kidswear piece for the ladies’ department?

H&M Kidswear S/S 17

3rd May: Hatley Blue Dinosaur Print Fleece Lined Raincoat, £28

Jack has a slightly older version of this raincoat. And I’m jealous of it every single time he wears it.

Hatley Blue Dinosaur Print Fleece Lined Raincoat

27th: Gap Kids Intarsia graphic socks, £2 

TBH, I need these socks for myself. But as is so often the case, all the cool clothes come in Jack sizes only.

Gap Kids Intarsia graphic socks

20th: Garnier Micellar Water, £4.99

The best quick-fix cleanser for days when you just want to roll straight into bed. So, every day then. Gets rid of all makeup, dirt (and second-hand snot).

Garnier Micellar Water

19th: Peppa Pig Marvellous Magnet Book, £3.99

If they love Peppa Pig, they’ll adore this little magnet book that lets them place Peppa & co anywhere on the page.

Peppa Pig Marvellous Magnet Book

18th (I know, but BANK HOLIDAYS): Baby Suction Bowl and Matching Spoon Set, £14.99

The absolute best feeding bowl for minimising spillages and food throwing. It looks pretty, too. Just remember not to microwave it, OK?

Bamboo toddler bowl

13th: H&M Jeans with Braces, £14.99

Fact #1: Toddlers’ jeans fall down a lot.
Fact #2: Toddlers look cute in braces.

These little jeans with attached braces were a no-brainer, really. Jack looks delicious in them.

H&M Jeans with Braces

11th: Tommee Tippee Sports Bottle, £4.50

There’s not a huge amount to say about this bottle other than it’s the first ‘non-spill’ bottle that doesn’t actually spill. Nothing sexy, stylish or otherwise to say about a sports bottle for toddlers, really. But it does what it says on the tin.

Tommee Tippee Non Spill Bottle - Sports Bottle

10th: Laura Ashley Rhubarb Vanilla Diffuser Sticks, £15.40

When you’ve got a toddler round the house, burning your favourite scented candle isn’t always the wisest option. Which is why I’ve doubled my investment in my favourite home diffuser scent, this classic rhubarb and vanilla aroma by Brit high street favourite Laura Ashley. It’s the one they scent their shops with, so they obviously think it’s a winner, too. (Oh, and it’s currently in the sale.)

Laura Ashley Rhubarb & Vanilla Scent

9th: 13 Reasons Why, now on Netflix, from £5.99 per month

I can’t describe how much I relied on Netflix when Jack was a baby. Particularly in those really screamy, colicky first few weeks when all I could do to stay sane was sit and rock & feed alternately while plugged into a good series on my iPad to distract me. I’ve not had a chance to watch anything in a while, but I’m currently hooked on original series 13 Reasons Why, a US teen-y drama about a girl who’s taken her own life, and the tapes she’s left behind to tell her story. It’s a little Pretty Little Liars, (which I never got into) only sadder. Anywho, I’m hooked. Oh, and on the subject of Netflix, there’s a series of Peppa Pig on there. I’ll say no more.

13 Reasons Why, Netflix

6th: Crocs, £19.99

Haters go’n hate. Whether or not you’re in the Crocs camp, Jack’s feet have never been happier since his Grandma bought him these cute little plastic clogs.

Children's Crocs Blue

4th: Vans Classic Backpack, £40

If you work from home a few times a week, it’s likely you lug a laptop around a fair bit. Save your back with a decent backpack. I currently use a House of Hackney X Eastpak Leopard Print one, but it doesn’t go with some of my bright summer prints, so am on the lookout for a plainer style. Currently have my eye on this one by Vans.

Vans Classic Backpack

3rd: Next Embroidered Shirt, £40

OK, yes, everyone on Instagram has it. Including me. In both colours. But it’s really pretty.

Next embroidered shirt

2nd: M&S Boys Safari Print Shirt, £11

Anyone who knows me will know that I have a serious penchant for safari print kids clothes. And wallpaper. And curtains. And… Well, it’s a problem. And this cute cotton printed shirt from M&S is no exception. Jack WILL be wearing this this summer.

M&S Safari Print Boys' Shirt


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