Russell Brand Re:birth; Can Having a Daughter Make You a Feminist?

A: It bloody well should

I went to see Russell Brand last night at the Hexagon in Reading. I’ve seen RB live a few times before, I listen to all his podcasts, regularly binge-watch Ponderland, even watch his Facebook rants on gun control etc because I do actually think he talks a lot of sense. (Sounds-senseless-is-sensible type of sense, but, still, sense.) You get it, I’m a fan.

I won’t bother reviewing his latest show. It’s very very bloody good, go and see it if you get the chance. But one point he touches upon in his show did strike a chord with me. He talks about how becoming the father of a daughter instantly impacted his view of women. (His exact analogy of seeing a vagina coming out of a vagina in a vaginal version of Russian dolls was much funnier than I could do credit to.)

He talks about the fact that while he would never see himself as a misogynist, he has adhered to certain societal pressures when it comes to women, and acted in accordance (he’ll make a politician yet). But that the mere fact of becoming a father to a beautiful, innocent little girl has completely changed his views on women, and what he wants for her as she grows up.

There’s nothing radical in what Russell is saying here; it makes total sense. When you’re gifted this beautiful, innocent little creature, you want the world around them to reflect their perfection and purity back at them. And the contrast in this idealism and what you actually see is stark. But I do think it’s worth highlighting the restorative and healing nature that raising a child of the opposite sex can have, not just for men, but for women, too.

If Russell can raise a woman that’s strong enough to survive in a man’s world, and become a better man in the process, and I can raise a feminist son who will treat the women around him with the respect they deserve, and can learn to see the best in men through him, perhaps the next generation might grow up in a fairer society that’s just a little bit bloody nicer? Here’s hoping.

Russell Brand

If you want to go and see Russell Brand live, check out his site here:


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